U.A.E. Armed Forces (AZI)

Al Bateen Airbase (AZI)
Al Bateen Airbase (AZI)
Project place:
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Start date:
2005, January
Commissioning date:
2005, July
Reference sheet
System description
ULD handling and storage system
Included components

  • 2 Dolly Docks 10 ft with scissor lift

  • 2 Transfer vehicles 10 ft with semi-automatic controls

  • 2 Lowering workstations 10 ft NEP with weighing system

  • 38 Motor Powered roller decks

  • 3 Truck Docks

  • 2 X-ray Scanners with conveyors

  • 1 Stand-alone floor scale

  • Empty pallet racks

  • Delivery, installation, commissioning, training

Control system
Overall PLC control system
Lid van